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AarVee idealab is redefining the mobile APP scenario in india. A venture founded by IIT alumni, AarVee idealabs powers loudshout, the largest and fastest growing network in India. Available over Android and iOS platform, Loudshout is the largest go-to application platform for anonymous hyper local bulletin board.

The team at AarVee idealabs includes alumni from top institutions including IITs (Varanasi , Delhi , Guwahati ,Kanpur,)BITSP, DCE, Google , microsoft etc. It is a bunch of highly driven individuals determined to transform the way business is done. The extended team at aaRvee includes our investors and a number of industry veterans who are part of our team as advisors and angle investors.

  • Ideology

    Besides believing in the power of Rajnikant and an impeccable trust in Tyler Durden, we accept there is a prodigy covered up inside every one of us. A hero, sitting tight for right minute to demonstrate the world trust once more; we have confidence in giving you stage where we shroud your face and let you be the concealed (most likely caped as well) crusader you imagined to be.

  • Perks & Rec
    • We have excellent high contrast wooden masks on the wall to coordinate with the application.
    • You get the opportunity to be on caffeine throughout the day with tea and espresso at your table.
    • Have your lunch together with everybody and let the craftsman in you sparkle.
    • Dart board friendly environment.
    • There are dogs around the place in case you love them
    • Write the errand list on mirror if there's a doodler in you with a decent penmanship.
    • You have a problem, we have a joke about that, OMG ITS HIGH SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN!

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