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What is Loud Shout?

Loud Shout is your personal bulletin board which allows you to make posts within 180 characters in a 5 KM radius around you and in your basecamp without revealing your identity.

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Stay Anonymous

Every hero has mask and we’ll make sure you have one too, what would you use it for?

Keep a check

Keep a check on what should be hot and what should be not by clicking on 'upvote' on the ones that you like and 'downvote' on the ones that you don't. See something really offensive, that shouldn't be there? 'Flag' it and we will take care of it.


Peter Parker has Daily Bugle, Bruce Wayne have Wayne Enterprises where they belong. Choose a ‘Basecamp’ where you belong.

Local Feed

Superman watches over Metropolis; you can be the Silent Guardian of your area.


Covertly peek at what is happening at other basecamps and no one will ever know.

Karma Points

Each post, comment, upvote and downvote will increase your Karma Points and unlock new features.

Download here.

Download your megaphone and shout with us.